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February Promo

Full Eyelash Extensions for just €59 until the end of February*

*Terms and conditions apply

February Promotion

Full Eyelash Extensions for just €59 until the end of February

Terms and conditions apply

Refill treatments are subject to the number of silk lashes remaining, if there are too few remaining – you will be in need of a full-set.
We advise against continuous refilling as this can result in the unwanted premature loss of your extensions.

Pricing may vary depending on your location/country, for full pricing information email us at: [email protected]

You can make any alterations to your appointment up to 48 hours before your appointment is scheduled to take place by ringing +353(0) 1209 1974. This includes changing the time of your appointment, changing the service you require and cancelling your appointment. You can also make these changes by logging into your BookingBug account. Please note, in the event that you choose to cancel your appointment the deposit taken at the time of making your booking is non-refundable. If you wish to change the time of your appointment we will do our best to accommodate your request.