Featured in the Irish Independent - Christoph Eye Couture


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Featured in the Irish Independent

Check out Christoph in the Irish Independent…

The Eyelash Technician

Christoph McCormack (26) is an eyelash technician and make-up artist from Moate, Co Westmeath. He recently launched his own product line, Christoph Eye Couture, christopheyecouture.com

Christoph says

“I started my career in retail in Athlone, but always had a vague idea that I would like to be a make-up artist. I took a course in Dublin to learn the basics and I loved it, but in order to develop I had to put in the hours of practice whenever I could.

“I have had quite a few exciting experiences, including working with Dannii Minogue on the launch of her greatest hits album. Emma Watson was another special client for a ‘ Harry Potter‘ premiere.

“Women put a lot of trust in me to work with their eyes and face, and it’s important to know what you’re doing. But when you have that trust, it is easy to communicate.

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