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Eyelash Extension Aftercare

There’s a lot to say about eyelash extensions (at least for me there is 😊) including the different types of eyelash extensions and things clients should bear in mind when deciding what treatment is right for them. However, a really important issue that is often overlooked is eyelash extension aftercare. And I understand perfectly well why that’s the case. There’s no point trying to deny that it’s kind of the boring bit.

A major attraction of the treatment is that you don’t have to mess around with your lashes every day. Nor do you need to spend ages getting yourself ready to face the public. You emerge with a brand new and beautiful set of eyelash extensions. If done right, they should make you look and feel great. Importantly, they also offer the promise of no more mascara for at least a month and maybe more. If only they could last forever. Well, they can’t.

But with the right eyelash extension aftercare, they can look better and last longer. That means doing a little bit of extra work. However, in the grand scheme of things, it’s really not much and it’s well worth it. When a new set of lashes go on, they really look their best.  The object should be to try to preserve that look for as long as possible. Adopting a few simple rules can really make all the difference.

Basic eyelash extension aftercare

So, the number one question and concern most ladies have about eyelash extension aftercare is about water. What’s going to happen the next time I jump in the shower? The great news here is that the eyelash extensions will be absolutely fine.   Applying water (or many water-based products) won’t cause damage to the eyelash extension. Nor will it cause it to detach from the natural lash.  However, that’s provided you leave enough time for the adhesive to properly dry. Water will not dissolve the adhesive that binds the extension to the natural lash. However, for at least the first 12 hours after the treatment it is advisable to wait before getting the lashes wet. That’s because it takes a little time for the binding process to complete. Provided you wait 12 hours before bathing then there shouldn’t be an issue.

After that, while it is fine to take a shower or a bath, it is still advisable to avoid using a steam room or a sauna. This applies for at the very least for the first 48 hours after the lash treatment. In general, eyelash extensions don’t respond well to heat. But if you can’t live without your sauna sesh, then waiting those first 48 hours will at least allow some time for the adhesive to bind the eyelash extensions to your natural lashes.

Try not to touch

Apart from potential water and heat issues another issue is interfering with the lash. In general, I advise clients to try to avoid playing around with their new lashes. For most people this isn’t a problem. However, others sometimes find themselves touching or rubbing their finger tips against their new lashes. This becomes a kind of habit and really it should be avoided. Obviously people have to get on with their daily lives. That means that touching the eye area sometimes can’t be avoided. But to the extent possible, it is best to be mindful not to unnecessarily touch or interfere with eyelash extensions.

This includes taking care when toweling the area around the eyes after a shower or when changing clothes. As a rule of thumb, clients should try not to dry eyelash extensions with a towel. Instead, simply let them dry naturally and never use a hair dryer!

Keep them clean

One last thing about basic eyelash extension aftercare before we move on to other matters. Yes, it is important to take care and not hose your new lashes down the drain five minutes after you get them on. But there are some out there that love their eyelash extensions a little too much. Some people worry about getting the lashes wet at all. Don’t be one of those people! After the adhesive has dried and the lash extensions are bonded with the natural lash, it’s perfectly fine to get them wet. Moreover, it is important to ensure that the eye area is kept clean. This helps avoid the risk of infection as a consequence of poor hygiene.

What about make up

Another important issue for eyelash extension aftercare relates to make up. I will add a few comments here about using make up alongside eyelash extensions. However, I plan to do a separate blog piece on this really soon. That’s because I feel there is quite a bit to say on this topic and it deserves a separate article. In addition, there are some products that I just love and that I think work really well with eyelash extensions. It’s worth going into a bit more detail on this to highlight some of the most compatible cosmetics that can currently be got. That includes those specifically manufactured for use alongside eyelash extensions as well as regular make up products that pop up in most make up kits.

So, without getting too specific in this blog piece, the headline message is that yes, it is perfectly fine to wear make up with your eyelash extensions. That said, it’s really important to avoid using the wrong products in the wrong places. In practice, that means you should stay away from oil-based make up and make up remover products, especially around the eye area. Stick to this rule of thumb and you should be fine.

It is worth highlighting at the outset that when wearing eyelash extensions, many women find that they can get away with using little or no make up much more than normal. Of course it depends to some extent on what your regular make up habits are. Those who usually wear a lot of make up will probably still tend to wear more when out and about even with eyelash extensions. But for some ladies, a set of lashes is often enough to get them through the day and on into the night.


For those of you who like to wear make up with your eyelash extensions, the most important products to be cautious of are those applied to the eyes. Of course, the one of greatest concern is mascara. Some people might be surprised to learn that anyone would consider using mascara on their eyelash extensions at all. Actually, there are lots of women who like to apply mascara to their extensions. Some ladies just can’t get enough volume, and who can blame them?!

But the key thing to bear in mind here is that there are special mascaras that have been designed specifically for use with eyelash extensions. These can often be bought directly from your eyelash extension technician. So for those of you thinking about super-charging your lovely lashes, be sure not to simply apply a standard mascara from the make up counter. At Christoph Eye Couture, we have a specially formulated mascara that works great with eyelash extensions, and which can be bought on site or at our online store. Do get in touch if you have any questions about this product.

Other eye make up

After mascara, the next most important products to consider are eyeliner and eye shadow. Especially for eyeliner my advice is that just like mascara, often it won’t be needed when you are wearing eyelash extensions. But if you like it and feel like you want to wear it then why shouldn’t you? Again, the rule here is just to avoid oil-based products, use only water-based products and that includes make-up remover.

In general, this isn’t going to be a major issue for clients. For some looks, oil-based make up simply can’t be beaten, but in my view there are some really great water-based cosmetic products available in the market. So for those that want to enhance their eyes even further with color cosmetics, they shouldn’t have a difficulty finding something that works. As I said earlier, my plan is to write a piece exactly on this topic, so check back soon for more on this.

There is one last thing I would like to say about make up. Really, this is a “before care” rather than an eyelash extension aftercare issue. However, it comes up so often it is worth mentioning here too. If possible, it is best not to wear makeup to your eyelash extension appointment. If you are wearing makeup, especially around the eye area, it will be necessary to remove it to go ahead with the treatment. Of course it’s not a problem to do that. However, the issue is that make up removal products can interfere with the adhesive used to bind the eyelash extension to your natural lash. Really we want to avoid that. So, my advice is, if you can, try to avoid wearing eye makeup directly prior to the treatment.

Anything else I need to know?

Once your new eyelash extensions are on, the less you interfere with them the better. You should refrain from perming or curling the extensions. Clients will sometimes try to experiment with adding curl to the lash using an eyelash crimp curler – that’s not a good idea and can lead to the lash coming out.

In addition, don’t try to tint the lash as this too will have a negative effect on your eyelash extension aftercare. Actually, it may lead to damage and or detachment from the original eyelash. In my view, there really shouldn’t be any reason to tamper with eyelash extensions once they have been applied. If you have been to a good eyelash technician and the lashes have been properly applied, they should look and feel great. So there won’t be any need to tamper with them.

That said, one thing I would say about tinting is that it is often something worth considering before you go for lash extensions. That’s especially so for those who have very fair eyelash hair. In that case, I recommend tinting your lashes at least 24 hours before the eyelash extensions are applied. But if all that seems like too much effort then you can simply use mascara with the extensions. Just bear in mind what I mentioned above about using a specialised mascara product for use with eyelash extensions. Again, this advice applies especially for those who have blonde or quite fair hair.

Discuss any issues with your technician

Finally, it sometimes happens that clients expect something different from their eyelash extensions. For instance, they may expect more volume, or perhaps less. How the lashes look once they have been applied is usually due to the type of extensions that you opt for at the outset of the treatment. For example, whether you opt for a lighter or heavier set. But if the lashes are not quite what you expected it’s best to speak to your technician as soon as possible. Together you can discuss the best way to address the issue. Don’t be afraid to raise issues with your technician. This is much better than trying to handle any problems on your own and perhaps damaging the eyelash extensions.

What about a top up?

A good set of eyelash extensions should last for between 4 and 6 weeks. However, as time goes by the number of strands remaining tends to diminish until finally you are left with only your own natural lashes. These are of course still beautiful as they are, just perhaps a little less striking. However, another element of eyelash extension aftercare is refills.

Before you get to that point where all the extensions are gone, it is possible to top them up. This replenishes the lash extensions that have fallen away. Usually the best time to schedule your refill is between weeks 3 and 4 after the initial treatment. This is a great way to really get the best out of your eyelash extensions.

What about a wrap up?

So, I think that’s about it on the subject of eyelash extension aftercare. There are probably still issues that I have not covered here that deserve mention. But I think these are the main things. As I said at the beginning, eyelash extension aftercare is really important. If done properly it really helps your eyelash extensions last as long as they can and should. Moreover, they will continue to look great throughout the whole period. For sure, it’s not the most exciting topic. However, for those willing to put these tips into practice, the rewards in terms of satisfaction with their eyelash extensions are worth it.

If you have any questions or comments about this article or about eyelash extension aftercare in general, please use the comment box below or give me a shout out by email, telephone or by any of our social media channels. We are always happy to help. Also, it would be good to know if there are other questions on people’s minds. If so, let us know and we can then share that information here. And I will be posting more details about some of my favorite products to use with eyelash extensions so check back soon for further information on that. In the meantime, keep rocking those lashes.

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