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Do Lash Serums Work?

Lash serums are the latest hot topic in the beauty world. Magic potions, guaranteeing to turn your lashes into glorious sweeping brushes are popping up on pharmacy and salon shelves all over the globe. As with any new trend we are right to be skeptical and ask “will this actually work”? Short answer is for the most part – yes. However, since there are so many lash serums out there now, some will be far more effective than others.

Enter, Instant Effects Instant Lash. This is a lash serum I am now stocking. You can purchase it on my online shop here. There are gloopy elixirs, liquid lash tonics and serums galore on the market, ranging in price from dubiously cheap as chips to bank breaking expensive. So for this blog I’ll be mainly focussing on this nifty number from Instant Effects. I was particularly impressed by this lash serum because you won’t have to sacrifice your nest egg to pick it up and it is certainly one of the most effective lash growth serums out there.

So how does it work?

Excellent question. Most lash serums promote growth quite simply by nourishing the hairs. Instant Effects Instant Lash can also be applied to brows to assist a wholesome and fuller growth. Think about it – many of us are constantly purchasing shampoos and conditioners that will thicken, smoothen, volumise and hydrate the hair on our head but what attention do we give to our lashes and brows? A battering with some dry mascara and ripping at them with store-bought lash glue. We want our lashes and brows every bit as healthy and nourished as our locks but rarely do much to nurture this sort of growth.

By imbuing the hairs with proteins as well as oxygen, this lash serum from Instant Effects delivers not only a nourishing dose to promote long-term growth benefits but also gives the lashes an immediate boost.

Give me the stats!

While lashes can appear up to 20% thicker within the first two minutes of application, Instant Effects’ Instant Lash boosts growth a further 20% increase in length and 40% increase in thickness after only two weeks of dedicated usage. If you’re after that lush full “eyebrows on fleek” look, continued usage on brows can result in a more bountiful brow after 4 to 8 weeks.

What do I actually have to do?

Two weeks is not that long a wait (especially to cultivate the eyes of your dreams!) and the amount of effort required is less than it takes to floss your teeth … or even brush them. As with most lash serums, Instant Effects Instant Lash presents itself like any old mascara more or less. Upon opening, the almost translucent serum will transfer from the brush of the wand to your lashes and brows and you run it over your hairs. Once you have coated the hairs from root to tip you’re good to go.

If you plan on wearing a coat of mascara you can do so by waiting two minutes after applying the lash serum. For amplified effects, apply the serum to your lashes (and brows) every night before bed.

I love your extensions, Christoph! Can I wear them at the same time?

Thank you and yes. If you plan on wearing lash extensions and applying lash serum at the same time do not apply the serum for the first three days after getting a fresh set of extensions. The ingredients in the serum, while nourishing for your lash hairs, could weaken the adhesive initially.

Try using the lash serum for two weeks then come in for a fresh set of lash extensions then knock ‘em all dead with your eyes!

Curious about what else is out there?

With so many fantastic lash growth serums on the market I could not fail to mention a few more of my personal favourites. While I am stocking the wonderful Instant Effects lash serum myself, here are just a few more that are worth shopping around for:

  1. M2 Beauté Eyelash Activating Serum
    One brush stroke of this lash serum, packed with Vitamin B7 and moisture binding components each day is all you need to get the most out of this astounding product from lash masters M2 Beauté. With persistent use some studies have reported up to 50% increase in lash hair growth. At €120 it may be one of the pricier picks but the effectiveness combined with the use you’ll get out of one product makes it well worth it.
  2. Lancer Lash Serum Intense
    It is hard to read a piece on lash serums and not come across Lancer’s offering for boosted lash hair growth. This is for good reason; the serum is packed with pumpkinseed extracts, fatty acids, zinc and heaps of nourishing ingredients to create show-stopping lashes. The demand for this product speaks for itself as at one point the company had to put a limit on the amount of product each customer could purchase. While you should always test out a new product for sensitivity before use, users have reported this lash serum to be particularly gentle on the skin and lid. This product comes in the form of a thin brush as opposed to a traditional mascara wand and to apply you’ll simply paint across your lash line to let it work its magic.
    Pro tip: Run a bit of this lash serum through your brows and hairline to help create fullness!
  3. Diorshow Maximiser 3D
    This product will evoke some early 2000s nostalgia for those of you who got a kick out of those two-step mascaras when they first started cropping up on the make-up market. Dior’s lash serum doubles as a primer and possess that same white creamy consistency (although a lot less clumpy than its predecessors). Just like other two-step mascaras this lash serum is applied before your standard mascara. The bonus here is that the product doubles as an actual functioning serum with long-term benefits. It can be used as part of your night-time skin routine as with the other typical lash serums. Enriched with oils, this serum has shown up to 73% boost in curl and a 52% increase in thickness. Coming in at typically around €34, it is a more than decent mid-price range investment for gorgeous lashes.
  4. RevitaLash Advanced
    One of the pioneers of the lash-growth serum dawning, RevitaLash’s serum is as popular as it is revolutionary. Infused with anti-oxidant rich green tea extracts, this lash serum works hard to repair brittle and damaged lashes while keeping them protected. Impressive stats from the company itself boast up to 98% increment in lash strength and appearance, while numerous reviews report real satisfaction in their improved lash health.
  5. Shiseido Full Lash Serum
    Another fantastic offering on the less expensive side comes from Shiseido and their does-what-it-says-on-the-tin lash serum. A focus on promoting fullness and density is assured with an arginine packed formula. Supremely hydrating, you can apply this lash serum day and night with its soft spongey-tipped applicator for lashes that are up to 71% more visibly gorgeous after just 8 weeks.Have you tried any lash serums you would give your seal of approval to? I’d love to hear your feedback!

If you have any further questions at all or would like more information on this particularly effective lash serum please don’t hesitate to get in touch by Facebook or e-mail.


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