Our Lashes

A high-glamour look with groundbreaking length? or a beautifully chic, naturally light top-up? Just ask… We offer a variety of lengths, shapes and curl types that we use to create exactly what you want. Application is pain free, actually the treatment itself is one of the most comfortable you’ll experience! Once propped up on a delightfully comfortable beauty bed, you’re asked to close your eyes and relax. Your technician will then prepare you for the treatment, once it begins, you’ll feel nothing but the flutter of a few lashes. The length ofapplication varies with each set, two hours being the maximum, forty minutes, the minimum. Once we’re done, you’ll be asked to sit up… or maybe wake-up, and admire your new lashes. Sounds simple enough right? We can guarantee you will be more than happy with your new look.

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Our Seal of Quality

Our training courses are some of the most advanced on the market – our longest eyelash extension course is three days long, within the three days we cover everything from advanced anatomy theory to business studies. We want to ensure that you leave with the skills, confidence and knowledge to work as a qualified eyelash extension technician. Our courses are certified by The Guild of Beauty Therapist. Our courses are taught by industry professionals that have years of experience and know how to support your practice.

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CEC Worldwide

We are constantly expanding here at Christoph Eye Couture. We currently have brand representatives across Ireland, the UK and Italy – offering women nationwide luxury eyelash extensions and the opportunity to train with us. Do you think Christoph Eye Couture will do well in your country? Are you business savvy and know what it would take for our brand to grow in your country? We offer the opportunity for women worldwide to become Christoph Eye Couture distributors – as a distributor you will be in charge of how Christoph Eye Couture runs in your own territory. If you are interested in being a distributor of Christoph Eye Couture send us an email to admin@christopheyecouture.com or call +353(0) 8718 33388

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